An Anglers Guide To Pandemics

For many anglers, relief from the hysteria created by the latest pandemic comes in the form of fishing. With major shutdowns, and closures in effect which restrict what activities people can engage in to recreate many are grabbing their poles and heading for water. Many local authorities are recommending that people get outside and exercise while practicing social distancing. Social distancing is being promoted as one of the biggest ways to prevent spread of illness, and what better way to socially distance yourself than to go fishing.
You can isolate yourself from others that may potentially be sick while enjoying the great outdoors, and truly letting go. Whether your heading to your local pond, or lake for Bass, panfish, etc or your local saltwater boat launch for big game the event helps relieve stress. People can reduce their stress is by spending more time outside. People who spend more time in outdoor environments are likely to have lower levels of cortisol, the hormone that produces stress. It is known that spending as little as five minutes outside can reduce stress levels. Plus if your someone who doesn’t normally get to soak up the sun as much now is your chance, just don’t forget to protect your skin with the appropriate sunscreen.
And just so you know your local bait shops and Lee Fisher Sports retailers are still open until further notice. They have everything you need for a great day on the water. And if you can’t make it to a retailer feel free to
visit to purchase anything you need for your next fishing trip!
Written by,
Captain Christopher Taylor 
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