About Us

We are a leading provider of commercial and recreational fishing supplies, based in Tampa, Florida since 1982. We manufacture and distribute our products all over the USA as well as worldwide.

In 2005 Lee Fisher International, Inc. created the Ohero brand for serious anglers that demand quality and value in their tackle. Since then it has expand into a full line of rods, reels, lines, leaders and high quality tools & accessories as well as expand other brands. 2018 we are Lee Fisher Sports as a recreational products division.



General Terms & Conditions 

Payment Terms

Net 30 days on approved accounts. An interest rate of 1.5% will be applied to the unpaid monthly balance.

Freight Policy

Prepaid on orders more than $750.00, or more than $500 within the state of Florida for wholesale accounts. Prepaid on orders more than $2,000 for distributor accounts. Exclu-sions to prepaid freight include traps, floats and bulk lead.

Returns & Claims

Must be authorized before the merchandise will be accepted. Any mistake, shortage, or damaged merchandise must be reported within 14 days. No claims will be accepted after that.

Restocking Charge

A 15% restocking charge will be applied to non-damaged returned merchandise, after an authorized return is made.

Excise Tax

The excise tax has been calculated into the price for all items it applies to. Please ask us if you have any questions as to whether an item is taxable.