Clean & Green Tips For Inshore Anglers

Here’s a few quick tips for being a environmentally friendly angler.
Many fisherman know how to fish without harming environment. However, with the 'green' movement being so popular, it’s important to protect fish populations, as well as the environment.

Look at Your Hooks

Many anglers have traded in their J-hooks for the more popular Circle style hooks. Trident brand Inline Circle hook is designed with a light wire for a more natural presentation. Its ultra sharp needle point makes for a perfect jaw hook set on the toughest of saltwater game fish. It is easier on fish that are going to be released, and more effective.

Step up Your Catch and Release Game

All anglers are supposed to follow the regulations regarding possession and size of fish given by the local wildlife or governmental agency. However other measure can be taken to insure the safest release of fish not kept. Specifically fish that are caught in deeper water should be properly vented before release if showing signs of decompression injury. The Vent for life by Lee Fisher Sports is the tool to have in this instance. This vent tool is designed for use on fish brought up from deep water (approx. 50 ft. or more) and exhibits Inverted stomach, eyes bugging and scales ruptured due to rapid change in pressure. It will help in reviving the fish while causing minimal damage.

Net Before Gaff

Pulling out the gaff is a necessary evil for bringing in larger fish you are sure of keeping. However with today’s technology in nets it is safe to say their are other options. The Rubber Mesh Landing Net by Lee Fisher Sports is conserves resources to keep fish in good stock by preventing damage to fish slime coat, and scales. It is also snag-Free from hooks, and easy to clean.

Police Your Boat

Keeping track of your trash is as "Green" as it gets. Having a dedicated trash receptacle on the boat is a good idea for this. We recommend the Bucket PAL by Lee Fisher Sports. This is an all around go to bucket with many great useful features, as well as a stylish appearance.
Using these tips, you’ll be preserving your local fishery for yourself and other anglers.
Written by 
Captain Christopher Taylor 
Florida Reels Fishing Charters